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June 2002 Cover

Auction 16 - June 25th 2002

Auction of
Important Hebrew Printed
Books and Manuscripts
From the Library of the London Beth Din,
The Fourth (and Largest) Portion
Sold by order of the Honorary Officers
of the United Synagogue (With Additions)
Together With:
A Collection of Graphic Art

Sale sixteen held on June 25th, 2002, generated much enthusiasm in the Judaica market with the sale of the largest portion of books from the Library of the London Beth Din to date. Many of the lots contained multiple volumes and spanned a host of topics including: Ethics & Philosophy, Halachic codes, Homiletics, Responsa and Science & History. The sale featured a nice collection of American and Anglo-Judaica as well as a number of fine and highly rare manuscripts. The sale proved to be a huge success as many rare books were snatched up at far beyond their estimates.

A full listing of sale results (prices realized) by lot number for Sale Sixteen.

Highlights of the sale included:
(prices include 15% buyer’s premium)

    Tzemach Tzadik. A RARE HEBREW ILLUSTRATED BOOK OF FABLES. One of a mere handful of Hebrew books with illustrations printed in the first century-and-a-half of Hebrew printing. An attractive copy. Venice, Daniel Zanetti, 1600. Sold for $31,050. Lot 189
  • KETHUBAH (Marriage Contract). Manuscript on vellum. THE OLDEST KETHUBAH EXTANT FROM CALCUTTA. This Kethubah is of the greatest historical importance to the history of the Jewish community in Calcutta. Calcutta, 1779. Sold for $18,400. Lot 247
  • Mendelssohn, MOSES and Joseph. Manuscript exercise book. An important manuscript which reveals the process in which Joseph - was trained and instructed by his father, the great Jewish philosopher, Moses Mendelssohn. Sold for $17,250. Lot 258
  • (LITURGY). Sepher Tephiloth Mikol Ha'shanah [daily prayers for the entire year]. Arranged and with an extensive commentary by Schneur Zalman of Liadi (The Alter rebbe). An important and exceptionally rare Chassidic edition. Kopyst, 1816. Sold for $13,800. Lot 170
  • (DREYFUS AFFAIR). Ibels, Henri-Gabriel. Allons-y!- Histoire Contemporaine Racontée & Dessinée. ["Let's Go!- Contemporary History Recounted and illustrated by Henry Gabriel Ibels"]. Journalist and illustrator Henri-Gabriel Ibels was among the principal caricaturists for the Dreyfusards. Sold for $1725. Lot 82
  • MEGILATH ESTHER. Complete Printed Scroll of Esther. Basle, Willhelm Haas, 1806. Sold for $1725. Lot 181
  • EMDEN, JACOB. Zoth Torath Hakana’oth [polemic]. An anthology of Sabbatianism. FIRST EDITION. With Autograph Manuscript Notations in cursive script by Jacob Emden. Sold for: $14,950. Lot 90
  • ETHICS & PHILOSOPHY, 16th-17th CENTURIES. Together, c. 16 volumes. v.p., v.d. Sold for: $8625. Lot 95
  • (ITALY). Pinkas (Ledger) of Shluchei Eretz Yisrael to Pesaro. Hebrew and Italian Manuscript on paper. 30 pages. Sephardic cursive scripts. Sold for $12,650. Lot 245
  • (PRAYERS). Liturgical, Biblical and other Hebrew texts, Together, c. 15 volumes. Sold for: $8050. Lot 199

Tzemach Tzadik by Judah Aryeh Modena. Venice, 1600.
Sold for $31,050. Lot 189

Kethubah. Calcutta, 1779.
Sold for $18,400. Lot 247

Moses and Joseph Mendelssohn. Manuscript exercise book.
Sold for $17,250. Lot 258

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